Our Mission

Soulteria's mission is to inspire, empower and influence women across the globe to not only feel beautiful in swimwear that compliments their natural assets, but also to become more conscious consumers and reduce their carbon footprint and waste production. By creating a sustainable brand that is committed to making positive environmental change, Soulteria ensures that from inception, to production and deliverables, all aspects of our swimwear are as eco friendly and sustainable as current technology allows. 

Our Fabric

All Soulteria swimwear is proudly made using Italian sourced ECONYL® regenerated nylon fabrics. The ECONYL® Regeneration System recuses and regenerates unwanted waste from oceans and landfills across the globe. Using a radical regeneration process the nylon is brought back to its original purity. ECONYL® regenerated nylon has the potential to be recycled infinitely, without ever losing its quality and performs exactly the same as brand new nylon, allowing brands to turn trash into treasure.

Production Practices

 Our swimwear is designed by our founder & CEO Alissa in the United States and produced ethically and sustainably in Indonesia. Our production partners are as committed to our mission as we are, and all follow strict guidelines to ensure our high ethical and sustainable standards are met. Our swimwear is produced in small batches in order to eliminate waste and maintain a carbon-neutral footprint. In an effort to eliminate unnecessary material usage, our swimwear does not currently come with branded hang tags, or other items deemed non-essential.

Our Packaging 

No plastic is used in the transportation of our garments.Our gift bags are made of recycled organic cotton and all gift cards are delivered digitally. All Soulteria swimwear will be wrapped in our recycled, compostable wrapping paper and shipped in our biodegradable, compostable mailing bags. 

Beyond Green

Now more than ever, the choices we make have the potential to affect the future of our planet and ultimately, the survival of life of the human race. The greatest realization consumers and businesses alike must make is that sustainability goes beyond caring for the environment. It involves environmental, economic and social progression. On Our SustainaBlog we share brand updates, easy to implement lifestyle changes, reviews and recommendations of other sustainable brands. All in an effort to aide consumers in becoming more conscious. At Soulteria, we are proud to be part of the change.