Brand Updates: Our New Look + What's Next

Brand Updates: Our New Look + What's Next

Launching a business in the thick of a global health pandemic was challenging. Since our Earth Day Launch earlier this year we have grown a lot, we have done a lot of things well, made a few mistakes, learned a whole heck of a lot, and started growing an amazing community.

As Soulteria continues to grow, so do our efforts to ensure that we are both environmentally and socially responsible, inclusive and transparent. Our recent changes, as well as what you all can expect next are as follows:

1. Branding

Some of you may have noticed on our website and social channels that our look has changed. Soulteria has made alterations to our branding so that we may transition from a female focused business to a business whose focus is simply the plant and is gender neutral. You will notice our choices of featured colors are also neutral and are very earthy. We opted to maintain a very minimalistic branding in order to ensure the conciseness, clarity, and luxury elements of our brand remains.

2. Lifestyle Goods

Getting ready for a family beach day or outdoor adventure can include a lot of things. A great swimsuit might be one, a reusable water bottle might be another. Our team has spent the better part of this year thinking about all the things outdoor lovers and wonderers use on a regular basis, which of them might complement our range of swimwear and overall brand, and which of them we can reasonably, sustainably produce? After many months of research, testing and a BILLION zoom meetings later, we are happy to inform you that we have planned to launch several lifestyle goods within the next year! 

3. Vendors

Producing new products take time, a great deal of planning, resources and money. Although we have grown enough to start venturing into new goods, Soulteria doesn't believe that producing more in the name of eco-friendliness is the answer. In fact, is that quite contradictory to our mission? One of the most sustainable things we can do as a society is use what we already have. This quarter we will be testing a select few vendors whose missions, values, practices and impact is similar to our own on the web store. What does this mean? A more sustainable bang for your buck - customers will now be able to shop for more than just swimwear, from brands that are sustainable across retail industries. How does this impact our environmental commitment? Our commitment is stronger than ever! Soulteria will continue to donate 1% of all profits to the planet, and 4% to our rolodex of charitable organizations. Additionally, with the combined efforts of vendors, purchases made via Soulteria are now doing more good than before! 

4. Men's Line Launch

Many have asked, and we have been slow to answer. Here's why: the Soulteria team began working on our men's line prior to or launch earlier this year. The onset of COVID-19 and life circumstances has greatly affected our ability to finalize the details of designs, materials, and more before moving into our final testing phase. With that in mind, we have set our tentative launch for our first men's swim collection to be late spring - early summer of 2021. We will keep everyone updated via the blog, email newsletter and our social media platforms. We thank you for your patience as we work to deliver you the highest quality, sustainable swimwear. 

5. La Trinidad, Pt 2

In addition to our first men's collection, we are pressing forward with part 2 of our launch collection, La Trinidad. Part 2 is currently set to consist of two additional one pieces and another bikini set. As colors are finalized they will be announced on the blog, and social media channels, as well as updates will forwarded via our email newsletter. In the meantime, keep tagging us in your Soulteria Swim photos online! 

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