About Us

Headshot of black female CEO of Soulteria

Soulteria was founded by Alissa Millett in 2019. Born & raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Alissa has always had a strong connection to and great love for the ocean. 

In 2015 this love and a desire to be of service to her new home country lead to her enlistment in the United States Navy. Her travels, both professional and personal, bore witness to the devastating impacts human lifestyles were having on our planet's climate, our oceans and the quality of life for people in developing countries such as her place of birth.

Inspired by her memories of her days on the shores of Trinidad; the tropical atmosphere; the island's natural beauty; and the glory of the sand, sun and water, Soulteria was born.

Soulteria combines the love of fashion, concern for our environment and body positivity to produce luxurious, sustainable swimwear that flatters the feminine physique. 

With every purchase, you are helping Save the Seas! Each quarter a donation, based on sales generated, will is made in an effort to aide others in finding innovative ways to reduce plastic waste, repair climate damage and promote sustainable lifestyles.

Soulteria encourages an open dialogue and invites you to become a part of the conversation. Follow our blog and social media channels today!